I’m a gamer at heart and that does not stop with video games. While I never got to really play good tabletop games as a kid, adult life and easy internet access introduced me to the wonderful world of paper, cardboard, dice and plastic models.

So I have spent the last few years indulging a significant part of my disposable income to playing tabletop games, actively competing with my other hobbies :video games and movies. Since I also write for a living it occurred to me that I should share the same sense of discovery and wonder that getting into tabletop games has brought me with everyone else.

Apart from being into way too many geeky hobbies, I work in computers, but I studied psychology because nothing makes sense in this crazy world. I also enjoy a good book every now and then. So this isn’t the work of a complete philistine.

Whether you’ve been into tabletop games for some time or you are still thinking about entering this wonderland of, er, wonders, it’s my sincere hope that my site will bring you some joy.